Make sure you don’t do these installation and repair mistakes:

Not Properly Using a Drip Edge

Most manufacturers require drip edges to be placed over ice and water sheathings, but many homeowners have their shields stop short of that, allowing water to soak into the sheathing and or the fascia. To remedy this, it’s recommended that flashing wraps over the sheathing and onto the fascia.

Not Installing Sidewall Flashing

For sidewall flashing to be effective, it has to be installed by roofers using the step-flashing method. However, some homeowners not only don’t use the recommended installation method, but also don’t have sidewall flashing installed in the first place. This results in water not flowing away properly from the wall and onto the gutters.

The Solution

Entrust your flashing installation or repair project to the professionals! Working with a trusted local roofing expert not only ensures proper flashing installation and repairs, but that all roofing work done on your home will be up-to-code as well since roofing contractors have a good grasp of the requirements in your area. Aside from choosing local, make sure your roofing contractor is also highly experienced.