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Flat roofing systems hold strong appeal for commercial buildings due to their ability to optimize usable space within a structure. However, they do present certain challenges related to water drainage, UV-resistance, and overall durability.

The good news is that there exists a plethora of roofing systems and materials specially designed to tackle these concerns. These solutions offer commercial facilities the essential protection needed to withstand various elements effectively. By utilizing the appropriate roofing system and materials, commercial buildings can achieve both functional efficiency and superior protection against environmental factors.

Installing tar foil on the rooftop of building.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Systems

In recent times, PVC membrane roofs have gained significant popularity for commercial flat roof applications.

This roofing system possesses inherent pliability combined with exceptional strength, making it highly resistant to punctures caused by extreme weather conditions or heavy foot traffic.

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Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO)

Over the past few years, PVC membrane roofs have experienced a notable surge in popularity for commercial flat roof applications.

These roofing systems boast a natural pliability and remarkable strength, rendering them highly resistant to punctures resulting from harsh weather conditions or heavy foot traffic.

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Built-up Roofing System

BUR roofing systems are distinctive for their multiple layers.

These layers consist of alternating reinforcing roofing felt and bitumen, which can be in the form of tar, asphalt, or cold-applied adhesive. The incorporation of multiple layers enhances the system’s resistance to leaks and ensures effective insulation for your facility.

Modified Bitumen Roofs and Torch Down Roofing Systems

Modified bitumen roofing is a widely used asphalt-based roof membrane, particularly on flat and low slope roofs, providing valuable contributions to your facility’s waterproof capabilities and energy efficiency.

To ensure complete adherence of the membrane to the substrate, this roofing material is often applied using the torch down roofing application method. When executed skillfully by a professional, torch down roofing can even enhance your facility’s roof with some fire-resistance.

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Spray Polyurethane Foam-Based (SPF) Systems

SPF roofing systems comprise two essential components:

  1. Polyurea foam, serving as insulation.
  2. An elastomeric topcoat, acting as a weatherproof and UV-resistant roof coating.

When combined, SPF commercial roofing systems are highly effective at safeguarding your commercial flat roof from extreme temperatures and precipitation.

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