Commercial Demolition

What You Should Know

Taking on a commercial demolition project is a huge undertaking and must be carefully planned and executed. Researching to find the right demolition company is vital to ensure that the project gets done safely and efficiently. You may have several construction questions regarding commercial demolition. And it’s important to take in as much knowledge as you can before hiring a contractor.

Commercial Demolition Basics

Finding out as much information as possible before hiring a commercial demolition contractor is essential because you want to ask the right questions to find out how experienced the team is. We can start with the basics. Here are some answers to your commercial demolition questions:

What does demolition mean?

Demolition is the process of dismantling a structure, clearing the site, and recycling and salvaging the materials left over. There can be interior demolition, which is pulling out carpets and removing walls for interior reconstruction. And there can be partial demolitions if only part of the building needs to be removed.

What is a commercial demolition?

Commercial demolition consists of taking down commercial buildings such as hotels, hospitals, and malls and clearing the land to build a new structure. Demolition contractors are highly skilled, and the equipment required for a demolition project are loaders, cranes, wrecking balls, and for specialized projects – explosives.

How are demolition and deconstruction different?

A deconstruction involves going through the building and removing any salvageable material piece-by-piece to recycle the materials. Deconstruction happens from the inside out. Demolition uses heavy machinery to take down the structure, but the rubble doesn’t all go in the trash. A recent survey by the National Demolition Association in 2018 found that 90% of demolition materials are also reused.

Should I use a commercial demolition service?

A commercial demolition service will have all of the certifications and training needed to remove the structure safely. Commercial demolition is a highly monitored business, with constant safety measures being enforced and evaluated with each company that offers this service. Hiring a commercial demolition service will guarantee that the construction team has the correct equipment and safety training to correctly perform a demolition.

What Does The Demolition Process Involve?

The demolition process is detailed. A contractor should freely discuss their approach to commercial demolition. Every step is considered vital to the safety of the workers and the environment.

  • Check for any desired materials inside. Clear out the building.
  • Check for safety risks, like asbestos or toxic chemicals.
  • Clear the land by recycling and salvaging all materials possible, including insulation, concrete, metals, flooring, ceiling tiles, roofing materials, plasterboard, and wiring.
  • Demolish the structure.
  • Decide on the demolition method that best suits the commercial building, including deconstruction or demolition, and if the use of explosives is needed.
  • Ensure the safety of all people involved, including the workers and people working in close-by buildings. Seal off the building once it has been identified as condemned.

Will I Need Permits or Inspections Before Beginning A Demolition Project?

Yes, permits from the city are needed before any significant construction project. Some cities have stricter demolition rules than others, with a number of cities fighting against demolition and charging more for the permits. The city can promote remodeling and reuse of a building, and therefore, charge more for demolition permits.

You can budget to pay anywhere from $200 up to $10,000 for a permit, depending on the building’s size. Be sure that the cost of permits is included in your commercial demolition project’s quote. While the permit is required, you do not want to be surprised by any hidden fees that show up later in the project.

Do We Need To Check For Asbestos Before Demolition?

Asbestos is a harmful substance found in old buildings, specifically buildings built before the 1980s. It was used in insulation and fireproofing spray. And extended asbestos exposure can cause health problems. If you fail to check and remove asbestos before a demolition project, then it can release the harmful substance into the air and cause health problems to all who inhale that air.

It is vital to check for asbestos before demolition. Many times, a building is deemed necessary to be removed because it is unsafe to stay standing. Asbestos can contribute to a building being categorized as condemned. Asbestos abatement, or the safe removal of asbestos, should be administered to each building in which asbestos is found before the demolition happens. This can cost an extra $2-$3 per square foot.

For these details regarding your commercial demolition project, a skilled contractor should be able to answer all of these questions confidently. You want to hire someone who knows about environmental stewardship and the risk related to asbestos. If you are interviewing a contractor and they are flustered about any of these questions, look elsewhere.

How To Estimate The Cost Of A Commercial Demolition Project?

There are a few factors when estimating the cost of a commercial demolition project. And, of course, the cost can vary from state to state. You will want to consider 3 things before determining a ballpark cost for your demolition project:

Commercial Demolition Specialists

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