Owning a home is a big investment. You have likely put a lot of time and money into and you want to keep in good condition. With any new addition, or big repair you will want to get the most out of any warranties. This especially applies to your roof. The last thing you want to do is accidentally void your roof warranty and risk loosing that level of protection.


What many homeowners or property managers may fail to realize, however, is that different companies will offer different warranties. One element may be covered in one manufacturer’s warranty (like materials, or labor, or both), but not in another’s. The standard warranty period will also vary. In other instances, the current owner is the sole individual who can use the warranty — it cannot be transferred to another person.

If a homeowner does not have a thorough understanding of their roof warranty, he may end up having things done to it (or not done to it) that could actually result in a voided warranty. Provided below are four common ways that homeowners unknowingly void their roof warranties (so that you can avoid committing such a costly mistake yourself).



If your shingles are incorrectly fastened to your home, they can get blown off — and the manufacturer won’t shoulder the expenses of having them repaired (you or your roofing contractor will have to foot the bill). Take care not to use nails that are too short, not to use too few nails, not to drive nails crookedly or overdrive them into shingles, and not to observeimproper placement of the fasteners.



Hot roofs are the result of coating roof sheathing with spray foam insulation. Doing this will cause the temperature of the shingles to rise, their colors to fade, and their lifespan to be significantly reduced.



Before installing shingles, your roofing contractor should determine if your home’s decking is indeed appropriate for such a project. Using sheathing that is too large will cause the shingles to buckle.



To eliminate moss growing on a roof, which can trap moisture against the roof’s surface and cause premature wear, some homeowners may decide to hire contractors to pressure wash their roof. Shingles, however, are not designed to withstand such high pressures. This activity can result in deteriorating shingles and granules that gradually detach from the shingles.

Even the best roofing warranty will fail to provide homeowners the assurance that their warranty claims will be approved if the property owners themselves fail to take note of activities that can void the agreement. Ensure your peace of mind by carefully studying the warranty before you hire a roofing contractor to get work done on your property.