Reason #1 – Cost

A roof coating system costs around half of a full roof replacement. This is because, at most, 25% of the roof is removed and replaced. A full roof replacement removes and replaces 100% of the roof.

Reason #2 – New warranty

Most roof coating manufacturers offer 10-to 20-year warranties. This includes labor and materials.

Reason #3 – Renewable

Let’s say you get a coating system installed today with a 10-year warranty. Most likely, a manufacturer will require a coating thickness level of 20 mils.

10 years from now, the 20 mils may be down to 7-8 mils.

A contractor can clean the roof, bring the level of coating back to 20 mils, and a new 10-year-warranty can be granted.

This process can repeat over and over again, saving the building owner time and money in the long run.

Reason #4 – Seamless

Seams are where most roofing leaks occur.Seams separate because of old age (years of the roof fluctuating with heat and cold temperatures) or the adhesive holding them together wears away.

A roof coating system is fluid-applied, so the entire roof is completely seamless.

With no seams, the most likely cause of a roof leak is eliminated.

Reason #5 – Not considered a roof system

Per building code, you can have a maximum of two roofing systems on a commercial building.

If you already have two roof systems installed, you must install a coating system or remove at least one roofing system before installing another.

A roof coating system is considered “maintenance” and isn’t considered another “roofing system.”

Other Reasons:

  • Since it’s fluid-applied, it can be installed very quickly, regardless of the number of penetrations. Other roofing systems that come in sheets need special attention when installed around HVAC units, pipes, drains, etc.
  • Since there’s minimal tear-off (only the wet areas are removed and replaced) and very little equipment is required, there’s very little interruption to a building owner.
  • Reflectivity. If your roof is dark-colored, it gets very hot in the Summer. By installing a white or grey-colored coating system, you will reduce the roof temperature. This will lower the heat entering your building and reduce energy costs.