Clean existing membrane

The existing roof needs to be clean for the coating to adhere and cure correctly. This is usually done with power washing.

Any wet insulation is removed and replaced

Core samples or an infrared scan will identify wet insulation that’s underneath the membrane.

Damaged areas of the existing membrane are removed and replaced

For example, say there are cracks, cuts, or punctures in a TPO roof. These areas would need to be removed and a new TPO section would be installed.

Adhesion test

Tests will be performed to make sure the coating adheres and cures correctly to your roof’s membrane.


Sometimes a primer is needed to get proper adhesion for the coating.

Seam enhancements/reinforcement

Seam treatment is very important as the seams are areas that break down the fastest on any roofing system.

When a roof expands and contracts, it’s the seams that take the most stress.

To give the seams extra strength, a coat of silicone is applied, then a fibered mesh is installed into the wet coating to all horizontal seams. Some smaller penetrations will receive silicone sealants.

A heavy coat of silicone coating is then installed over the mesh.

Add the proper amount of coating to the rest of the roof

The proper amount of coating is dependent on the desired warranty length.

  • For a 10-year warranty, 20 mils of coating are installed
  • For a 15-year warranty, 25 mils of coating are installed
  • For a 20-year warranty, 30 mils of coating are installed